Permalink Manager supports custom post types & custom taxonomies created with custom code snippets or 3rd party plugins including Pods, Custom Post Type UI, Toolset Types and WooCommerce.

Please go to this page if you need more detailed information on how to edit/set the custom permalinks.

To avoid 404 errors, Permalink Manager Pro will automatically redirect multiple custom permalinks used temporarily before the final URL was set.

If you are using the free version of the plugin, only the native permalinks (used before Permalink Manager was installed) will always redirect to the custom permalinks currently used.

Here you can find more detailed instructions.

Yes, as long as you keep the WordPress permalinks unique as a whole, Permalink Manager will allow duplication of the slug and use it for multiple (child) posts, pages, or categories.

This could be extremely helpful if you would like to get rid of the “-2” appendix added to native/original WordPress permalinks. You can find more detailed instructions in this article.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Permalink Manager uses a unique algorithm to detect the custom permalinks and bypass rewrite rules used natively by WordPress. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

The plugin parses the requested URL and checks if any custom permalink matches the result. If you would like to check how the custom permalinks are saved, please see this article.

Access to Permalink Manager Pro updates and technical support is restricted only to the users who bought the plugin via the official website and own a valid license key.

If your license key expires or you do not enter it in Permalink Manager settings, you will no longer be entitled to receive a priority technical support & access to all plugin updates.

Even after the license key expires, you will still be able to use Permalink Manager. All custom permalinks & redirects will continue to work, and settings will be preserved.

If you would like to renew your license key, please follow the instructions provided here.

You can use the same key for both websites. Please note that the logs are checked manually, and the access to plugin updates may be restricted for users who try to abuse the license key.

Yes, you can do this at any time.

If you would like to upgrade the license type, please follow the guidelines posted here.

If you would like to prolong your license key, please go to this page.