Installation instructions

Welcome to the installation tutorial for Permalink Manager Pro! Although the steps following are similar to those for other plugins, they are nevertheless worth reading if you are new to WordPress.

The installation process for Permalink Manager Pro is similar to other plugins. The same steps apply if you are currently using Permalink Manager Lite and want to upgrade to the Pro version. During the migration process, you will not lose any data, including custom permalinks or settings.

Installation instructions

How to download the plugin files?

In order to get the plugin files, please enter your license key into the form below.

Installing the plugin

Method #1: WordPress admin dashboard

The quickest method to get Permalink Manager up and running is to install it from your admin dashboard.

  1. Download the ZIP archive with plugin files.
  2. Go to “Plugins -> Add new -> Upload Plugin”.
  3. Select the ZIP file from local drive & upload it.
  4. Activate the plugin in ‘Plugins’ section.

How to install the plugin from WordPress admin dashboard? Upload ZIP archive with plugin files

Method #2: FTP

  1. Download the ZIP archive with plugin files.
  2. Extract the ZIP archive and upload the extracted folder to the "/wp-content/plugins/permalink-manager/" directory.
  3. Activate the plugin in ‘Plugins’ section (when logged-in to WordPress admin dashboard).

How to activate the plugin?

To enable automatic plugin updates, provide your unique license key in the plugin settings. To do so, go to the "Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Settings -> Licence" section.

License section in Permalink Manager settings panel

In most circumstances, you can skip this step and the plugin will identify custom permalinks properly immediately after installation. If you continue to get 404 errors after visiting any of the URLs, you must configure WordPress to handle 'pretty permalinks'. The steps are straightforward: under the "Settings -> Permalinks" section, choose any option other than "Plain" such as "Post name" and then click "Save changes".

Change permalink settings in WordPress

Plugin updates

How to update the plugin automatically?

Once the new version of Permalink Manager Pro is released, you may update it immediately from the WordPress admin panel. To do so, go to the "Plugins" admin area and click on the "update now" link just below the "Permalink Manager Pro" row:

Update Permalink Manager Pro from "Plugins" admin panel

How to update the plugin manually (via FTP)?

Please enter your license key on "License info" page to gain access to the ZIP package containing plugin files. The download link will be generated only if your license is still valid.

Please use the FTP client and connect to the server hosting your WordPress installation. The directory where the plugin files should be found is /wp-content/plugins/permalink-manager-pro.


FTP location of the plugin

To manually update it, simply delete the /permalink-manager-pro/ directory and upload the contents of the Permalink Manager Pro ZIP archive that you downloaded.

The Permalink Manager plugin is designed to update smoothly and without disrupting any data. Therefore, after the update is completed, your settings and custom permalinks will not be affected.

Nevertheless, to make sure everything works as intended, it is always a good idea to double-check your website after updating any plugin.

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