Most advanced yet user-friendly permalink plugin for Wordpress

With Permalink Manager Pro you can easily control all your permalinks for posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and WooCommerce shops. It will also help you to bulk regenerate your permalinks or replace any word in your URLs with just a few clicks.

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Must-have SEO plugin for Wordpress

Take full control of your permalinks and and boost your SEO score!

With Permalink Manager you can bypass Wordpress rewrite rules and edit the whole URL addresses, not only the slug!

WooCommerce support
WooCommmerce Permalink Manager

Remove /product-category/, /product-tag/ from your WooCommerce permalinks in less than 2 minutes or customize your URLs to look exactly the way you want.

Furthermore, you can edit permalinks of all WooCommerce pages, products and taxonomies indivudally using "URI Editor".

Easy SEO Redirects
Improve your SEO performance

Tired of undesirabled 404 error pages? Permalink Manager Pro would automatically (if enabled in settings) create the redirects for ALL previously used custom permalinks.

You can also decide if you would like to redirect your visitors from native permalinks and set-up extra URL redirects or aliases for each post, page or term.

Bulk editor
Bulk edit the permalinks

Regenerate the native slugs or apply the new permalink settings (permastructures) to all or selected post/pages/terms with just a few clicks using "Regenerate/reset" tool.

Replace or remove any word in your permalinks using "find and replace" tool or make the process fully automated and remove user-defined "stop-words" from default permalinks.

Full taxonomy support
Full support for all post types & taxonomies

Permalink Manager is fully compatible with native post types: pages, posts and taxonomies: categories and tags.

It works perfectly with not only WooCommerce products, product tags or categories permalinks, but also all custom post types & taxonomies controlled by 3rd party plugins or themes.

Extra tools
Extra tools included

With Permalink Manager you can also control native canonical redirect functionality and decide if trailing slashes should or should not be appended to the end of your permalinks.

Permalink Manager is the only supported plugin that is compatible with Advanced Custom Fields and allows to use the custom fields inside your permalinks. Read more about this feature here.

Full taxonomy support
No permalink duplicates!

The possibility to edit full permalinks may in some cases lead to undesired permalinks duplicates. If such a situation occurs, the duplicated permalinks will be listed in a dedicated plugin's section.

By using "Tools -> Permalink Duplicates" section you can easily check which posts, pages or terms permalinks should be changed to keep all your website URLs unique.

Easy from the start

To improve user-experience, URI editor section was enhanced with some additional features.

The "Screen Options" allow to control how many URIs are displayed per page & decide if particular post statuses should be excluded from the list.

It is also possible to narrow the list with date filter and show the posts added in selected month.

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The main sections & features of Permalink Manager Pro are displayed below.

Bulk URI Editor

Allows to edit multiple permalinks at once.

Enlarge screenshot
Single URI editor (post)

URI editor displayed inside single post edit page.

Enlarge screenshot
Single URI editor (WooCommerce, category)

URI editor that allows to adjust displayed inside "Edit product category" page.

Enlarge screenshot

Permastructures are used in default permalinks. With Permalink Manager you can adjust them in post types and taxonomies.

Enlarge screenshot
Find & replace

This tool can be used to replace selected word with another one in custom URIs or native slugs.

Enlarge screenshot

In this section you can reset either custom URI or native slugs to its defaults.

Enlarge screenshot
Stop-words settings

The "stop-words" can be manually adjusted or loaded from predefined lists available in 21 languages.

Enlarge screenshot
Stop-words in action

"How", "are", "from" and "the" were automatically removed from post's permalink.

Enlarge screenshot
Plugin settings

"Auto-update" URI, support for Yoast's primary category, redirect and trailing slashes settings can easily be altered.

Enlarge screenshot


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Permalink Manager Lite

$ 0

and free
for anyone

Basic features included

  • URI Editor & Permastructure Editor
  • Auto-update URI (optionable)
  • "Regenerate/Reset" & "Find and replace" (support for posts, pages & custom post types only)
  • Support for "Primary Term" (works with "Yoast SEO" plugin enabled).
  • Canonical & auto redirects settings (optionable)

Permalink Manager Pro

$ 40

for single domain
per year

Extra features

  • Updates & priority support for single domain
  • Full support for taxonomies
  • Full support for WooCommerce product categories, tags & attributes
  • Full support for custom post types & taxonomies
  • Possibility to use "custom fields" inside permalinks
  • "Stop-words" - keep your permalinks short & clean

Permalink Manager Unlimited

$ 120

for unlimited domains
per year

Extra features

  • Updates & priority support for all domains
  • Full support for taxonomies
  • Full support for WooCommerce product categories, tags & attributes
  • Full support for custom post types & taxonomies
  • Possibility to use "custom fields" inside permalinks
  • "Stop-words" - keep your permalinks short & clean


Below you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance please use the contact form or email address below.


If you are using free version of Permalink Manager (downloaded from WordPress repository), please disable it before installing Permalink Manager Pro!

After that, please paste generated licence key into “Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Settings -> Licence key”.

How to install the plugin?
  1. Download the plugin’s ZIP archive.
  2. Go to (“Plugins -> Add new -> Upload Plugin”)
  3. Upload the ZIP archive.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
How to install the plugin (alternative method)
  1. Download the plugin’s ZIP archive and unzip it.
  2. Copy the unzipped permalink-manager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. After the plugin is installed you can access its dashboard from this page: Tools -> Permalink Manager.

The problem may occur, if you installed the plugin before 1st September 2017 when the old version of update server was used.

To fix the issue, please remove the old instance of plugin in “Plugins” section:

Download the fresh copy of plugin using following URL:
Please replace YOUR-LICENCE-KEY with your unique Gumroad key.

And reinstall it manually in “Plugins -> Add New” section:

After the process is completed, you will be able to automatically update to next releases of Permalink Manager Pro.

The changelog is available here.

Unfortunately not at this moment, but it will be integrated in the future.

To remove the WooCommerce prefixes from your permalinks, please remove them from custom permastructures in “Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Permastructures”.

After that you will need to reset the permalinks using “Tools -> Permalink Manger -> Tools -> Regenerate/reset” (bulk reset) or individually (using “Restore to Default URI” button inside Edit URI box on “Edit Product/Product category” admin page).


Please use the contact form or email address below.

If you have a valid VAT Number issued by any Member State of the EU, you are allowed to get a VAT refund from Gumroad.

You can find more info here:

If you would like to pay with SEPA wire transfer and get VAT-EU invoice, please use the contact form or email address below.


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