A WordPress URL Editor With Game-Changing Versatility

Permalink Manager is the ultimate solution for editing your posts & category URLs without modifying any core files. It works seamlessly with WooCommerce, ACF, Toolset and all other custom post types and taxonomies.

The plugin contains several features that no other solution offers.

Permalink Manager Pro explained in 2 minutes

Overhaul WordPress Permalinks and Transform SEO Performance

URL structure is the bedrock of good SEO performance. It lets search engines actually understand the content of your site and rank it where it deserves to be. The plugin makes the process of permalink editing refreshingly simple. Add keywords, remove "stop-words" and even rearrange the link structure of your website. Find the best WordPress permalink setting for your site and start climbing the ranks.

Permalink Manager contains several features that no other solution offers.

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Update WordPress permalinks as you like

Are you looking for a convenient way to completely personalize your WordPress URLs? Permalink Manager comes with a 'URI Editor' that allows you to tweak any WordPress address individually.

The plugin supports both built-in and user-defined post types and taxonomies, including WooCommerce.

Custom permalinks suited to your needs

One of the most ignored parts of SEO strategy is correctly optimizing URL structure. With 'Permastructure' editor you can easily adjust general URL formats, while 'Bulk URI Editor' allows you to edit multiple addresses at once.

The plugin is designed to make editing custom permalinks quick and easy. It may help you save time so you can focus on other things.

404 errors will no longer be a problem

The canonical redirect feature helps address old, outdated links. After updating a permalink structure, your old URL is automatically redirected, bolstering your site's rankings and avoiding link rot.

Permalink Manager automatically redirects outdated URLs. For even more flexibility you can define "Extra redirects" for any post or term.

Improve your WooCommerce permalinks structure

Clean, orderly URL architectures are the backbone of good e-commerce store. Permalink Manager makes this extremely simple. You may edit the WooCommerce permalinks in any way you like.

Bulk changes and individual edits of your store custom permalinks are both straightforward. You can also easily add SKU numbers to them.

Only plugin that supports custom fields in URLs

At the moment, Permalink Manager is the only solution that lets you to add custom fields to WordPress addresses without requiring any coding knowledge. The process has been intended to be painless and quick.

The custom field feature works with native custom fields, as well as 3rd-party plugins like ACF, Pods, JetEngine and Toolset Types.

The easiest way to translate your WordPress permalinks

Unlike the built-in WordPress URL rewrite functions, which are quite restricted, Permalink Manager allows you to create customized permalink formats depending on the language of your posts, pages, or terms.

This functionality is compatible with the most common WordPress language plugins: WPML and Polylang.

What are the benefits of using Permalink Manager?

The lack of flexibility in modifying permalinks is arguably one of the most well-known drawbacks of WordPress. The plugin overcomes this problem by using a unique algorithm to process and detect URLs.

Here are some of the most popular ways to make use of the plugin: