• Basic support for BasePress added
  • Added support for custom product attributes in products' permalinks (WooCommerce)
  • "Trailing slash redirect" is now disabled on front pages (to prevent redirect loop on Polylang/WPML language front pages)
  • The taxonomy term used in custom permalinks is selected differently
  • Performance improvements (duplicate-check function)
  • Further improvements for the function used to sanitize the custom permalinks
  • Codebase improvements

  • Hotfix for 'redirect_canonical' function (causing a redirect loop)
  • The custom canonical permalink set with Yoast SEO is now no longer overwriten
  • The custom permalinks are no longer saved if the post/term has no title
  • Hotfix for Gutenberg related JS errors
  • Hotfix for Groundhogg plugin
  • Hotfix for "Customize" admin bar menu link
  • Hotfix for WPML's language switcher on posts page
  • Hotfixes for WP 5.5 - blog/posts page + draft template is now loaded correctly
  • Trailing slash redirect code adjustments
  • Added support for GeoDirectory plugin

  • Improved breadcrumbs hook (better compatibility with WPML/Polylang)
  • Hotfix for permalinks used in language switcher on blog/posts page (WPML)
  • Hotfix for cart URL in WooCommerce's mini-cart widget (now the permalink is translated correctly when WPML/Polylang is used)
  • Improved support for WPML's Advanced Translation
  • Improved support for pagination & embed endpoints
  • Hotfix for attachments permalinks
  • Improved url_to_postid() hook
  • Added support for Dokan /edit/ endpoint

  • Hotfix for Permalink_Manager_Helper_Functions::get_disabled_taxonomies() function
  • New wrapper function with filter 'permalink_manager_post_statuses' for get_post_statuses()
  • Extended support for "My Listing" theme (by 27collective)
  • Hotfix for Gutenberg editor (broken HTML output)
  • Extended support for permalinks stored in Yoast SEO database tables (Indexables)

  • Hotfix for Permastructures (now the permalink formats are saved correctly)
  • Hotfix for trailing slashes settings
  • Improved setting fields descriptions
  • Adjustments for search functionality in Bulk URI Editor
  • Support for WPML Classic Translation Editor
  • Adjustments for "Auto-update URI"
  • Improvements for get_post_types_array() & get_taxonomies_array() functions used to list the content types supported by Permalink Manager

  • Improved descriptions in the plugin settings
  • Hotfix for endpoint redirect

  • Hotfix for stop-words (now, the stop-words can be saved again)
  • Support for Duplicate Page plugin

  • Hotfix for multisite/network installations. Now, the plugin globals are reloaded whenever switch_blog() function is called.
  • Hotfix for url_to_postid() function. The $pm_query global will no longer be altered.
  • Hotfix for post/page revisions in custom permalink detect function
  • Improved WP All Import Pro integration (better support for taxonomies)
  • A different approach for WP Customize URLs
  • New option available - "Old slug redirect"

  • Code optimization for Bulk URI Editor
  • Support for WooCommerce breadcrumbs
  • A hotfix for WPForo plugin
  • New filter "permalink_manager_chunk_size" that allows to control the chunk size in bulk tools ("Regenerate/reset", "Find & Replace")
  • New filter "permalink_manager_sanitize_regex" that allows to adjust the function that sanitizes the custom permalinks
  • Autoload for backup arrays is now disabled
  • New option available - "Convert accented letters"

  • CSS Hotfix. Now the redirects box is displayed correctly in the URI editor

  • Support for "Primary category" set with SEOPress & RankMath plugins
  • Support for breadcrumbs added by SEOPress & RankMath plugins
  • Improved "trailing slashes" functionality - untrailingslashit() & trailingslashit() replaced with REGEX based functions
  • Possibility to remove custom permalinks, redirects, permastructure settings directly from "Debug" section
  • New filter "permalink_manager_duplicates_priority" that allows to decide what content type ("posts" or "terms") should be loaded when the custom permalink is duplicated
  • A minor fix for url_to_postid() function

  • Support for "Primary category" set with The SEO Framework
  • Changes for URI Editor section backend (SQL queries + improvements for search box)
  • Improved support for WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
  • Improvements for slugs sanitization functions
  • Possibility to exclude posts from bulk tools added to "Auto-update the URI" dropdown in URI Editor

  • Hotfix for PHP Fatal error in permalink-manager-admin-functions.php file


  • Force 404 for draft posts (for non-logged-in users)
  • New feature: Force HTTPs/WWW in URLs
  • New setting fields: "URI Editor role capability" & "Force HTTPS in URLs"
  • Minor improvements


  • More debug functions added
  • Better support for Hebrew letters
  • Support for location custom fields in WP Store Locator - CSV Manager plugin
  • Improved support for Gutenberg editor (reported by Cedric Busuttil)


  • Minor code improvements
  • Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs - further improvements
  • Hotfix for Toolset custom fields support (Permalink Manager Pro)
  • Hotfix for Polylang URL modes


  • Code improvements for WP All Import integration functions
  • Hotfix for Elementor conflict with custom redirects function (Permalink Manager Pro)
  • New field ("Do not automatically append the slug") in Permastructure settings added to each post type & taxonomy
  • Basic support added for Mailster plugin
  • New permastructure tag: "%monthname%"


  • Code improvement for "Quick Edit" inline form
  • Support for Yoast SEO breadcrumbs added
  • Hotfix for Elementor

  • Hotfix for function that detects custom URIs
  • Custom URIs for WP All Import inported posts are now generated 30 seconds after the import job is completed


  • Hotfix for Customizer (custom permalinks filters are disabled in admin panel)
  • Minor UX improvements
  • Partial support for TranslatePress plugin added
  • Term permalinks are processed correctly when WPML enabled and "Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality" mode is activated
  • New setting field separated from "Force custom slugs" - now, both the native slugs and special characters (.|_+) can be kept inside the slugs
  • New filter - "permalink_manager_force_custom_slugs"


  • Hotfix for WPML - ?lang query parameter is now appended correctly
  • Support for comment pages endpoint
  • Minor code adjustments
  • Metabox for Gutenberg enabled also for CPT
  • Further improvements for redirect hooks
  • Hotfix for WP Customizer
  • Native slugs are saved correctly in Gutenberg editor
  • New filter - "permalink_manager_filter_permastructure" + Permastructures can be now translated from admin panel

  • Hotfix for "Force custom slugs" option - now special characters are not removed if "Yes, use post/term titles + do not strip special characters: .|-+" mode is set.
  • Hotfix for custom fields support in custom permalinks


  • Hotfix for WP All Import - default permalinks are now assigned correctly to imported posts + possibility to disable WP All Import custom URI functions in Permalink Manager settings
  • Hotfix for Yoast SEO - notice displayed on author pages
  • Adjustments for sanitize slug functions
  • Basic support for Gutenberg added


  • Support for draft custom permalinks
  • Support for WP All Import plugin, now the custom permalinks can be defined directly in XML, CSV, ZIP, GZIP, GZ, JSON, SQL, TXT, DAT or PSV import files.
  • Hotfix for Permalink_Manager_Pro_Functions::save_redirects() method - now the custom redirects are correctly saved when a custom permalink is updated.
  • Hotfix for "Language name added as a parameter" mode in "WPML Language URL format" settings.
  • Hotfix for canonical redirect triggered by WPML.
  • Better support for non-latin letters in custom URIs & redirects
  • Better support for endpoints
  • Searchbox in URI Editors


  • Support for "url_to_postid" function
  • Bulk tools use now AJAX & transients to prevent timeout when large number of posts/terms is processed
  • Fix for multi-domain language setup in WPML

  • Support for %__sku% permastructure tag (WooCommerce) added - now SKU number can be added to the custom permalinks (Permalink Manager Pro)
  • Hotfix for license validation system

  • Code optimization
  • New filter: permalink_manager_fix_uri_duplicates
  • Possibility to display the native slug field
  • Hotfix for license validation functions

  • Support added for Revisionize plugin
  • Minor tweaks

  • Japaneese translation added
  • Some minor improvements
  • New filters: permalink_manager_hide_uri_editor_term_{$term->taxonomy}, permalink_manager_hide_uri_editor_post_{$post->post_type} & permalink_manager_update_term_uri_{$this_term->taxonomy}, permalink_manager_update_post_uri_{$post->post_type}, permalink_manager_new_post_uri_{$post_object->post_type}
  • Hotfix for default permalinks (no-hierarchical post types)
  • Hotfix for attachments default permalinks + URI detect function

  • Hotfix for endpoints in REGEX
  • Minor bug fixed - native slugs are now correctly regenerated
  • Hotfix for URI sanitization functions
  • Hotfix for AMP plugin
  • Full support for WPML multi-domain language setup
  • Hotfix for VisualComposer + Yoast SEO JS functions
  • Hotfix for WPML String Translation

  • Minor bugs fixed
  • New permastrutcure tag - %native_slug%
  • "Force custom slugs" feature enhanced with new options
  • Possibility to redirect the posts & terms to external URL (Permalink Manager Pro)

  • New permastructure tags - %post_type% & %taxonomy%
  • Support for "Taxonomy" custom field in ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)
  • Minor fix for endpoints
  • New hook - "permalink_manager-filter-permalink-base" used instead of "permalink-manager-post-permalink-prefix" & "permalink-manager-term-permalink-prefix"

  • Hotfix for MultilingualPress plugin
  • Hotfix & better support for attachment post type (Media Library)
  • Custom redirects for old permalinks are now correctly saved in Permalink Manager Pro
  • Support for WooCommerce Wishlist plugin

  • The URIs for trashed posts are now correctly removed
  • Better support for non-ASCII characters in URIs
  • Minor fix for hierarchical post types
  • Fix for coupon URL redirect
  • New filter - "permalink-manager-force-hyphens"

  • Discount URLs for WooCommerce - now the shop clients can use coupons' custom URIs to easily apply the discount to the cart
  • Extra AJAX check for duplicated URIs in "Edit URI" box
  • Wordpress CronJobs for "Automatically remove duplicates" functionality
  • Extra improvements in "save_post/update_term" hooks
  • Fix for terms permalinks added via "Edit post" page
  • New filter - "permalink-manager-force-lowercase-uris"

  • New filter - "permalink_manager_empty_tag_replacement"
  • Fix for term placeholder tags in taxonomies permastructures
  • Page pagination improvement (404 error page for non-existing pages)
  • New settings field for pagination redirect
  • Trailing slashes are no longer added to custom permalinks ended with extension, eg. .html, or .php

  • Hotfix for redirects - redirect chain no longer occurs (WPML)
  • Now $wp_query->is_404() is set to false when custom URI is detected
  • Hotfix for ACF custom fields in terms
  • Fix for trailing slash (in admin dashboard), also the trailing slashes are removed from permalinks containing GET parameters or hastags (often used by 3rd party plugins)

  • Hotfix for admin requests (+ compatibility with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options)
  • Hotfix for no-ASCII characters in custom URIs
  • Hotfix for attachments

  • Hotfix for endpoints redirect

  • Hotfix for REGEX rule
  • yoast_attachment_redirect setting removed (it is no longer needed)
  • yoast_primary_term setting replaced with "permalink-manager-primary-term" filter
  • Hotfix for WP All Import
  • Hotfix for WooCommerce endpoints
  • Better support for Polylang
  • Support for Theme My Login plugin


  • Now, the duplicates and unused custom permalinks can be automatically removed
  • Better support for endpoints
  • "Disable slug appendix" field is no longer needed
  • %{taxonomy}_flat% tag enhanced for post types permastructures
  • Fix for WPML language prefixes in REGEX rule used to detect URIs
  • Possibility to disable Permalink Manager functions for particular post types or taxonomies

  • Hotfix for problem with custom URIs for new terms & posts

  • Trailing slashes redirect adjustment

  • Hotfix for Elementor and another visual editor plugins
  • Support for endpoints parsed as $_GET parameters


  • New settings field - "Deep detect"

  • Fix for Custom Fields tag in permastructures


  • Custom URI editor in "Quick Edit"
  • "Quick/Bulk Edit" hotfix
  • New permastrutcure tag %category_custom_uri%


  • WooCommerce search redirect loop - hotfix


  • WooCommerce endpoints hotfix
  • Redirects save notices - hotfix


  • Extra Redirects - possibility to define extra redirects for each post/term
  • New "Tools" section - "Permalink Duplicates"
  • UI improvements for taxonomies ("Custom URI" panel)
  • Fixes for reported bugs

  • Slug appendix fix
  • Hotfix for WooCommerce checkkout


  • Hotfix for taxonomy tags
  • Hotfix for custom field tags
  • Hotfix for Jetpack
  • Suuport for WP All Import
  • Support for Custom Permalinks

  • Hotfix for "Custom URI" form
  • Hotfix for Yoast SEO & Visual Composer
  • Now it is possible to disable slugs appendix


  • Hotfix for RSS feeds URLs


  • Trailing slashes & Decode URIs - new settings
  • Fix for "Bulk Edit" URI reset
  • Partial code refactoring


  • Hierarchical taxonomies fix
  • New hook: "permalink_manager_filter_final_term_permalink"


  • Taxonomies & permastructures fix


  • Typo fix
  • UI improvements
  • Fix for canonical redirects in WPML


  • Partial code refactoring
  • "Auto-update" feature
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Support for AMP plugin by Automattic


  • Another pagination issue - hotfix


  • Post pagination fix
  • Basic REGEX support
  • 'permalink_manager_filter_final_post_permalink' filter added


  • WPML support fixes


  • Further refactoring
  • WPML support added
  • Some minor issues fixed
  • "Sample permalink" support added


  • Another hotfix


  • Hotfix for "Settings" section


  • Code refactoring completed
  • Interface changes
  • Hooks enabled


  • Hook for removed posts (their URI is now automatically removed)


  • Pagination bug - SQL formula fix (offset variable)


  • Strict standards - fix for arrays with default values


  • 302 redirect fix.
  • Code optimization.


  • Bug with infinite loop fixed.
  • Bug with revisions ID fixed.


  • Redirect for old URIs added.
  • Debug tools added.


  • Hotfix for "Screen Options" save process.


  • Hotfix for bulk actions' functions - additional conditional check for arrays added.


  • Hotfix for "Edit Post" URI input (the URIs were reseted after "Update" button was pressed).


  • Rewrite rules are no longer used (SQL queries are optimized). The plugin uses now 'request' filter to detect the page/post that should be loaded instead.
  • Now full URI (including slug) is editable.
  • A few major improvements applied.
  • Partial code optimization.


  • Hotfix for not working custom taxonomies tags.
  • Now the rewrite rules for custom post types are stored in different way.


  • Hotfix for bug with dynamic function names in PHP7.


  • Hotfix for front-end permalinks. The custom permastructures worked only in wp-admin.


  • Hotfix for Posts & Pages permastructures


  • Now all permalink parts can be edited - new "Permalink Base Editor" section added.
  • Code optimization.
  • Bugfixes for Screen Options & Edit links.


  • First public version.


  • A first initial version.