Hi there! My name is Maciej Bis, and I am the proud founder and main developer of Permalink Manager Pro. I live in the lovely capital of Poland and have been working on this plugin since 2016. If you are curious in the history of Permalink Manager Pro and how it has grown through time, read the article below.


Prior to Permalink Manager Pro, I was a young developer who loved building tailored WordPress sites for clients all over the world. In 2015, I decided to launch my own company using my expertise as a qualified freelancer building tailored WordPress sites for customers in the United States, Sweden, and Germany.

Unsurprisingly, this plugin was designed to solve a specific problem.I needed to rearrange the URL structure of a website I was developing for one of my customers. Because WordPress's inbuilt permalink system was insufficient, I had to use a plugin. Unfortunately, all the available plugins did not work correctly and I decided to develop a new one.

All I wanted was to to make a plugin that would make it simple for users to implement dynamically generated permalinks. This way, rather of having to define obsolete custom post types, the URLs for built-in pages and posts could be based on specified condition (e.g. linked category).


The first milestone was the first version released on January 8, 2016. Shortly after, I decided to continue this project. In March 2017, I published the first stable version. Then three months later, I started selling the Pro version. Since then, I have implemented dozens of user-requested enhancements and additional functionalities into the plugin.

The concept progressively changed over time. However, the fundamental idea stays the same. I wat to provide users the option of altering and fine-tuning each of the permalinks. This gives them better control over the URL structure of their website.