GPL Nulled

If you are reading this page, chances are you have encountered my plugin being offered for free on a questionable website or at a discounted price on a GPL marketplace.

You have the legal right to do so since the GPL license permits it. Downloading the plugin from an unauthorized source have potential risks which you should be aware of.

To begin with, this website is only place where you can purchase access to plugin updates and customer support. I have no affiliation with any websites that offer my plugin.

If you come across a website selling a GPL free copy of the Permalink Manager Pro Nulled, please check out the article below.

What Are Nulled Plugins?

Nulled plugins are unlicensed copies that have had their licensing and security mechanisms removed or bypassed. They are available for free or at a significantly cheaper price through many unauthorized sources on the internet.

This might first appear to be a good way to get paid features for free or at a discounted cost. However, not everything that shines is gold, and they may be a major security risk for your website.

The Benefits Of Purchasing The Plugin From The Official Source

When you purchase plugins from the official website, you not only receive the unmodified original plugin files from the official source. Most importantly, you will have instant access to the most recent updates as well as direct customer support from the plugin's developers.

Is It Safe To Use A Nulled Version?

When choosing a plugin like Permalink Manager Pro, it is essential to evaluate the value of updates and access to customer support. Purchasing a plugin from the official website will guarantee that you have an up-to-date, safe, and secure tool.

Security Risks

Plugins that have been nulled often contain hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities. Security risks like these can compromise the integrity and security of your WordPress website. Malicious code may do anything from displaying annoying ads to attempting to steal private information.


WordPress plugin developers often update their plugins to improve functionality and security. However, nulled plugins do not receive these updates automatically, and you must go through a complicated process to find, download, and install new versions.

This can be time-consuming and raises the likelihood of compatibility issues with your WordPress site.

No Support

Most premium WordPress plugins only offer automatic updates and support only for paying customers. If you use a nulled version, do not expect any support from the plugin developer. Why should they help you if you are not fair to them?

If you contact support asking about the plugin's functionality without a valid license key, they will ignore your query.

Ethical Issues

If a significant number of users opt for nulled plugins, developers would not be able to pay for costs such as infrastructure and labor. These losses could affect their ability to continue developing and improving the plugin, as they rely on revenue from loyal customers.

Those who use the nulled plugins in bad faith are "free-riders" who take use of the plugins' premium features without paying for them. Without sufficient funding, developers who put their resources into making useful products may finally give up.

Why would developers continue to work on a project if the majority of users are unwilling to pay for it?