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Breadcrumbs support

Breadcrumbs helps your visitors to navigate the website faster. They could also improve your visibility in Google search results.  Happily with most of WordPress SEO plugins you can easily enable & display them throughout your website.

Permalink Manager allows to filter the breadcrumbs structure and make them mimic your current custom permalinks.

Permalink Manager allows to filter breadcrumbs generated by:
WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, RankMath and SEO Press.

How it works?

The breadcrumbs will be adjusted both when the parent slugs are added or removed from custom permalinks. In the first case, the parent pages will be added to the breadcrumbs. In the latter case, the parent pages will be stripped from the breadcrumbs list after they were removed from the custom permalinks.

To explain how this functionality works exactly, below you can compare the breadcrumbs output before & after the custom permalinks are adjusted.

Original permalink & breadcrumbs

Before the custom permalink is changed, the original permalink is set to:


Consequently both in the URL and breadcrumbs there are no parent slugs present.

New permalink & breadcrumbs

Now, let’s add parent pages slugs to the custom permalink:


As you can see, now parent pages links (members/directory) are automatically added to the breadcrumbs list:

How to make Permalink Manager filter the breadcrumbs?

Please note that the breadcrumbs are not altered by default. The feature can be activated in plugin settings.