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Add category/term slug to WordPress permalinks

One of the WordPress drawback is the lack of possibility to customize the permalinks. It is possible to adjust them with extra rewrite rules and complicated PHP code snippets. Still, it is not a comfortable solution for most of WordPress users.

Happily Permalink Manager allows to easily add custom taxonomy slug to any custom post type permalinks in just a few clicks.

How to add taxonomy slug to (custom) post type permalinks

To add custom taxonomy slugs to WordPress permalinks, you will need to go to Permastructures section of Permalink Manager (“Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Permastructures“).

Now, scroll down to find the custom post type that you would like to edit. In our example we are adding two taxonomies (Manufacturer and Fuel) to Cars permalinks.

Then you should place the tags inside the permastructure. The permastructure tags are the names of custom taxonomies: %{name_of_taxonomy}%. In our example, they will be %manufacturer% and %fuel%. Accordingly, the tags will be different in your particular case.

You can find all available permastructure tags in “Permastructure tags” section.

Do not forget to save the new settings! From now on, Permalink Manager will automatically add the taxonomy slugs to custom post permalinks.

The new settings will be automatically used only for the new posts. If you would like to apply the new formats also to the existing URLs you should regenerate them. In this article you can find detailed instructions on how to do so.
Both Manufacturer & Fuel terms’ slugs are now present in single Car permalink.