How to easily remove /product & /product-category from WooCommerce URLs?

Would you like to make your WooCommerce URLs prettier and get rid off the /product/, /product-tag/ or /product-category in just a few minutes?

Some of the functionalities presented in this post are available only in Permalink Manager Pro.
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The desired result

Permalink Manager Pro allows to change the default permastructures and permalinks for Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and of course Products, Product Categories, Product Tags and Product Attributes.

By default your WooCommerce permalinks should look like this:

# Product categories:

# Product tags:

# Products:

and we can change it to e.g.:

# Product categories:

# Product tags:

# Products:


# Product categories:

# Product tags:

# Products:

... OR any combination (+ still you can edit each of the permalinks individually!)

Video tutorial

The instructions

Step 1. Adjust native permastrucutres

The first thing you will need to do after Permalink Manager is installed & enabled is to open the plugin’s dashboard (“Tools -> Permalink Manager“) and go to “Permastructures” tab.

Go to Permalink Manager dashboard

In the bottom, you will find a subsection titled “WooCommerce” where the permastructures for Products, Product Categories and Product Tags can be edited.

Permastructure settings

Now you can replace the permalink bases: /product/, /product-category/ and /product-tag/ with any word or remove it completely. Please always remember to save the new settings with “Save permastructures” button displayed in the very bottom of the page.

The saved settings will be automatically used for default permalinks of new products, categories and tags. To apply the changes to the old permalinks as well, please follow the instructions in the next step.

New permastructures settings with /product/, /product-category/ and /product-tag/ tags removed completely.

Step 2A. Reset permalinks of old products

If you would like to use the new permastructures for old permalinks, please go to another section: “Tools -> Regenerate/reset“.

Regenerate/reset subsection.

To reset the Product’s permalinks please set:

  • Mode” to: “Custom URIs
  • Select content type” to: “Post types
  • Select post types” to: “Products
  • Select post statuses” to “Published
Form settings for “Products”

After “Regenerate” button is clicked, a list of updated products’ permalinks will be displayed.

Updated products’ permalinks

Step 2B. Reset permalinks of old product taxonomies

To reset the Product Categories and Product Tags permalinks please set:

  • Mode” to: “Custom URIs
  • Select content type” to: “Taxonomies
  • Select post types” to: “Product tags, Product categories
Form settings for “Product categories” and “Product tags”

As was the case with the Product permalinks, the list of updated permalinks will be displayed after “Regenerate” button is clicked.

Updated Product Categories and Product Tags permalinks

Appendix: Edit WooCommerce permalinks individually

No matter if you decided to not bulk change the WooCommerce permalinks or you did it, you can still edit each of Product, Product Category or Product Tag permalinks individually.

Edit individual Product permalink
Edit individual Product Category permalink

Auto-redirect the old permalink

With Permalink Manager it is possible to auto-redirect the visitors from old product permalink (native URL, used when Permalink Manager is disabled) to new custom URL.

You can choose if the visitors should be redirected with 302 or 301 status code or not redirected at all in Permalink Manager settings.

Permalink Manager redirect settings


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