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WP All Import

Permalink Manager allows to set the custom URIs when the posts, pages, custom post type items or products are imported with WP All Import plugin.

To properly import the permalinks, please open “Permalink Manager” metabox and copy the content column tag with custom URIs.

In this example, the column is named “customuri”, so the tag should be {customuri[1]}.

Please also keep in mind, that the custom URIs in import file (XML, CSV, TXT) should contain only the URI, not the full URL:

CORRECT: The column with custom permalinks should contain only the relative, internal URI.
INCORRECT: The domain name should not be present in the column with custom URI.

What would happen if I leave the Permalink Manager section empty?

If you leave the field empty, Permalink Manager will use the default custom permalinks (based on Permastructure settings) for all imported elements.