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You can use Permalink Manager to edit the full permalinks of all custom post types (incl. “Places”) controlled with GeoDirectory plugin.

First of all, you can manually adjust each of “Place” URL addresses. The value of “Current URI” field can be easily changed via URI Editor:

A sample “Place” post with updated permalink.

In addition to this, if you would like to change the “Places” permalinks in bulk, you can easily add location data to new “Place” permalinks. Basically, the list includes 4 dedicated fields:

  • %category% (gd_placecategory taxonomy),
  • %country%,
  • %region%
  • %city%

To customize the permalinks, please go to the permastructure settings. The new format will be automatically used for new “Place” posts. If you would like to apply it also for existing permalinks, please use “Regenerate/reset” tool.

Example permalink format for Places (Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Permastructures).

Below you can find a list of sample permalink formats. Please note that they are only basic examples and you can choose the one that suit your needs best or use a completely new format.

  • places/%country%/%region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • places/%country%/%region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • places/%country%-%region%-%city%/%gd_place%
  • places/%country%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • places/%city%-%country%/%gd_place%
  • places/%region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • places/%category%/%region/%city%/%gd_place%

All in all, you can also completely remove the permalink base, translate or change it, eg.:

  • %country%/%region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • shops/%country%/%region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • restaurants/%country%-%region%-%city%/%gd_place%
  • %country%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • %city%-%country%/%gd_place%
  • %region%/%city%/%gd_place%
  • %category%/%region/%city%/%gd_place%