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Edit single WordPress permalink

Permalink Manager allows to customize each of WordPress permalinks with inbuilt URI Editor. You can use this tool if you would like to make a part of your permalinks different from the general format (see “Permastructures“).

To change the single URL please go to WordPress content editor and click on “Permalink Manager” button. You can find it just below the title editor field. Thereafter, you will be able to fully customize the single permalink. What is more, you can use the same panel to edit the custom redirects for this particular post or page.

Wordpress permalink editor for WooCommerce single product
Permalink Manager works also with WooCommerce products and categories permalinks.

Will the old WordPress permalinks redirect to the new custom ones?

Yes, you do not need to worry about 404 errors. Permalink Manager will automatically redirect the native permalinks to the new URL addresses. Additionally, in “Manage redirects” section you can set extra URLs redirects. They would redirect to the actual custom permalink.

Here you can find more detailed instructions on how to set-up custom redirects.

How to edit WordPress permalinks in Gutenberg editor?

If you are using Gutenberg editor, you can find the URI Editor in the right admin sidebar.

Wordpress permalink editor in Gutenberg
URI Editor in Gutenberg will be displayed below “Featured Image” section.

How to edit the term permalinks?

Similarly, you can access the URI Editor for categories, tags and custom taxonomies terms directly from  “Edit term” page.

Bulk URI Editor

You can manually change multiple permalinks at once with Bulk URI Editor. To find it please go to “Tools -> Permalink Manager” admin section.

The posts and terms in bulk URI editor are grouped by post types and taxonomies.

Change WordPress using Permastructures editor

There is one more possibility to edit the WordPress permalinks with Permalink Manager.

If you would like to quickly apply new permalink format to all posts or terms you can use Permastructures editor. This might be extremely helpful if you would like to for instance translate or remove permalink rewrite base or add custom fields to the permalinks.

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