Edit single WordPress permalink

With an included URI Editor, Permalink Manager allows you to customize each WordPress permalink separately. This feature may be handy if you want to change the format of some of your permalinks from the default “Permastructures” settings.

Until you manually adjust it using the “URI Editor” the initial URL will be based on the generic permalink format (given in the “Permastructures” section). Fortunately, it is quite simple to manually alter each individual URL directly in the WordPress content editor.

To display the URI Editor simply click on the “Permalink Manager” button (just below the post’s title). Essentially, the individual permalink may be entirely customized in any manner you like.

URI Editor opend on "Edit post" page
To edit custom permalink please use “Current URI” field displayed inside URI Editor.
Extra redirects
You may not only fully edit the single WordPress permalink, but you can also create custom redirects for each post or page using the same panel. More information about this feature is posted in a separate article.
Extra redirects panel displayed in URI Editor
Using the same URI Editor you can also define additional “extra redirects” for any page or term.

The URI Editor may be found in the admin sidebar if you are using the Gutenberg editor:

WordPress permalink editor in Gutenberg
URI Editor in Gutenberg will be displayed below the “Featured Image” section.

Similarly to the “Edit post” page, you may easily access the URI Editor for categories, tags, and custom taxonomy terms from the “Edit term” page.

Adjust WordPress permalinks using "Edit category" page
The URI Editor will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

How to edit multiple permalinks at once?

In order to speed up the URL changing process, the Bulk URI Editor allows you to alter several permalinks at once. You may get to it by going to the admin dashboard and clicking on “Tools -> Permalink Manager” sidebar link.

Edit multiple permalinks at once using Bulk URI Editor
Permalinks are grouped into post types and taxonomies for your convenience, as shown above.
Fallback redirect
Permalink Manager will automatically redirect the native permalinks to the new URL addresses to prevent 404 errors. You may also specify extra URL redirects in the “Manage redirects” section. More thorough information on how to set up custom redirects can be found here.
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