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Permalink Manager LitePermalink Manager Pro
Dedicated & priority technical support
Edit full permalinks of categories, tags and custom taxonomies
Add custom fields to Wordpress permalinks
Add additional internal redirects for each post, page, CPT item or term
Redirect any post, page, CPT item or term to external URL
Remove "stop-words" from custom permalinks
WooCommerce permalinks
Extended support for WooCommerce permalinks
Edit full products, product categories, tags and attribues permalinks
Add SKU number to WooCommerce product permalinks
WooCommerce coupon permalinks
Automatically apply the cart discount with the coupon custom URL
Basic features
Automatic plugin updates
Edit full permalinks of posts, pages & custom post types
Fully customize individual permalinks
Bulk edit custom permalink using permastructures
Redirect native permalinks to the cutom permalinks to avoid 404 error
Add taxonomy slugs to the custom post type permalinks
Auto-update the URI after the title is changed
Translate the custom permalinks
Use different URL formats based on content language (WPML, Polylang)
Adjust trailing slashes settings
Add .html, .php, .html extension to Wordpress permalinks
Programmatically change the custom permalinks
Conditional permalink formats

Basic features

Bulk & individually edit URIs
Edit/alter individual posts, pages and custom post types permalinks or bulk change their permalink formats.
Auto-update the URI
Automatically update the custom permalink after the title is changed. You can also force the plugin to always use actual title inside the permalink.
Edit custom permalinks in batches
Regenerate/recreate or find & replace strings in the Wordpress permalinks. Furthermore, you can also bulk edit the native slugs (post names).
Translate permalinks
Translate and set different Wordpress permalinks based on the language. Works with WPML and Polylang.

Available in Permalink Manager Pro only

Plugin updates & support
Users with a valid license key are entitled to receive a priority technical support & access to all plugin updates.
Full support for taxonomies
Adjust individually or bulk change the categories, tags & custom taxonomies terms permalinks.
Extended support for WooCommerce
You can bulk edit and individually adjust all WooCommerce products, categories, tags and product attributes permalinks.
WooCommerce coupon permalinks
Define public coupon URL (eg. that would automatically apply the eligible discount to the cart.
Define a list of words (eg. "the", "and") that will be automatically removed from the custom permalinks.
API & Hooks
All plugin API functions & hooks are available only in Permalink Manager Pro.