Automatically apply discount to the WooCommerce cart with a public coupon URL

A few months ago Gumroad added a new feature that allows to generate URLs for each of coupon codes that can be used to automatically apply the discount to the checkout cart.

I thought that this feature might be also very useful for WooCommerce users and since now it is available for all Permalink Manager Pro users.

The main advantage is that the customer does not need to search for a field where a discount code can be pasted or typed. This might help you to reduce the abandoned rate and improve other e-commerce indicators, eg. conversions ratio.

Extension for WooCommerce’s coupons functionality

When Permalink Manager Pro is enabled, a new section titled “Coupon Link” will be displayed in “Edit Coupon” page which can be accessed from “WooCommerce -> Coupons“.

To set-up public URL for a coupon code, all you need to do is to define a unique URI, eg. FREEDELIVERY and save the coupon code. The URIs are case-insensitive, so both and will work.

The full URL will be displayed below the input field and then you can copy and use it in eg. newsletter or share the link via social media.

How does the public coupon URL work?

When user goes to the link, eg. the discount will be automatically applied to the cart. All “usage restrictions” (eg. expiry date, minimum/maximum spend value, etc.) will be preserved, so it is not possible to abuse the order by only using a public link, because WooCommerce will still validate if the customer is eligible to receive the discount.

After visitor uses the coupon URL the discount is automatically applied. In this case it is “free shipping code, but it will also work with percentage or fixed price discount.

Is it possible to use the coupon URL even if the cart is empty?

Yes, in this case – the visitor will be redirected to main shop page (if it is set in WooCommerce settings) where an alert should be displayed (Coupon code applied successfully). After any product is added to the cart, the discount will be automatically applied (only if customer is eligible to use it) to the cart.

If the cart is empty, the discount will be automatically added after the customer adds any product to it.

Video tutorial


  • Hello,i would like to use your plugin,but i wanter if coupon could be applied also in all users who visit the site or only from those who follow the link.
    I want to create an affilate link which will go to my site and only the users from this link can take discount .Is it possible?

    • Hi Despina,

      the discount will not be automatically applied to all visitors, but only the visitors who use the custom discount URL.

      Best regards,

      • So,i f a user who comes to the site not from this link, buy something that is eligible to use the coupon ,the coupon does not apply?
        It can be applied only for visitors who use the custom discount URL?
        How is this possible since the system has created a coupon for all users?

        • Yes, exactly.

          The coupon is created for all users, but still they need to either:
          – use the coupon URL
          – manually enter the coupon code during the checkout

          If my plugin will not help you to get this thing working after you buy Permalink Manager Pro, please contact me via email and I will refund you.

        • Ok,it seems to be what I want.One more presale question :
          the coupon will be AUTOMATICALLY applied only by the URL and for other users MANUALLY?

  • Yes, if the visitor uses coupon URL the discount will be applied automatically. All other users (that do not know about coupon URL) will need to know and enter the coupon code manually.

  • Great!Thank you

  • One more question.Can i use redirection when the plugin goes to shop page into a specific category which will be applied the discount?

  • Redirection to be done from another plugin i mean

  • If you would like to redirect the coupon URL (after the discount is applied) to a specific category instead of main shop/cart page – it is not possible. If you would like to make it a bit different, can you provide me with some example?

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