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Add taxonomies to custom post type permalinks

One of the WordPress drawback is the lack of possibility to customize the permalinks. Although it is possible to adjust them with extra rewrite rules and complicated PHP code snippets, it is not a comfortable solution for most of WordPress users. Happily Permalink Manager allows to easily add custom taxonomy slugs to custom post type permalinks in just a few clicks.


To add custom taxonomy slugs to WordPress permalinks, you will need to go to Permastructures section of Permalink Manager (“Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Permastructures“).

Now you need to scroll down to find the settings for particular custom post type. To find the permastructure tag for custom taxonomy you can use the tags list displayed in the “Permastructure tags” section.

Then you should place the permastructure tag(s) (in our example: %manufacturer% and %fuel%) somewhere inside the field. Permalink Manager will automatically replace the tag with the actual term slug in the default permalink.

Please keep in mind that the new settings will be automatically applied only to the new posts, but not to the old ones. If you would like to apply the new settings to the existing permalinks you need to regenerate them. It is a really easy process and in this short article you can find a detailed instruction.

The slugs of custom taxonomies will be automatically added to WordPress permalinks.
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