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Auto-update custom permalinks

Your custom permalinks will not be automatically updated unless you change them manually. To automatically update the post/term permalink you need to enable “Auto-update permalinks” option in Permalink Manager settings.

When “Auto-update permalinks” mode is active Permalink Manager will automatically set the default custom permalink as a actual permalink whenever the post or page is saved/updated. The default permalink is displayed in “Default URI” section.

Please note that, if you decide to update the custom permalinks automatically, you will not able to edit them manually using “Current URI” field.

You can also override thie general settings for each post/page if you would like to exclude certain items and do not automatically update their permalinks. To do so, please select “No” in “Auto-update the URI” select field in the URI Editor.

Need to update the custom permalink when the title is changed?

If you would like to use an actual title instead of native slug (post name) you need to enable also “Force custom slugs” mode:

Now both “Auto-update permalinks” and “Force custom slugs” are enabled. Permalink Manager will automatically use in the “Current URI” the actual title – “Johnny Doe” (johnny-doe) instead of the native slug (john-doe).
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