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Conditional trailing slashes

If you would like to append trailing slashes for some specific post types or taxonomies and remove them from all other post types & taxonomies please make sure that “Trailing slashes” option is set to “Remove trailing slashes” in Permalink Manager settings:

Besides that, you will need to use a custom snippet and append it to your theme’s functions.php file:

Append the trailing slashes to only “categories” and “another-taxonomy-with-trailingslashes” (custom taxonomy) terms:

function pm_term_permalinks_trailing_slashes($permalink, $term) {
  if(!empty($term->taxonomy) && (in_array($term->taxonomy, array('category', 'another-taxonomy-with-trailingslashes')))) {
		$permalink = trailingslashit($permalink);

	return $permalink;
add_filter('permalink_manager_filter_final_term_permalink', 'pm_term_permalinks_trailing_slashes', 999, 2);

Append the trailing slashes to only “posts” and “another-cpt-with-trailingslashes” (custom post type) items:

function pm_post_permalinks_trailing_slashes($permalink, $post) {
  if(!empty($post->post_type) && (in_array($post->post_type, array('post', 'another-cpt-with-trailingslashes')))) {
		$permalink = trailingslashit($permalink);

	return $permalink;
add_filter('permalink_manager_filter_final_post_permalink', 'pm_post_permalinks_trailing_slashes', 999, 2);

How to remove the the trailing slashes for specific post types?

Analogous to description above, you neeed to set “Trailing slashes” option to “Add trailing slashes” and replace: trailingslashit with untrailingslashit inside the code snippets.

As a result, the trailing slashes will be appended to all post types & taxonomies but removed from specific post types & taxonomies defined with custom code snippet.

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