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Numbers (“-2”, “-3” and so on) are appended to the permalinks?

The numeric indexes (-2, -3 and so on) are natively appended to WordPress permalinks if the slug is used more than once. For example if you create a page or post with the same title, one of the permalinks will be changed to make the slugs unique:

https://example.com/example-title (Post)
https://example.com/2018/11/28/example-title-2 (Page)
https://example.com/products/example-title-3 (Product)

It is possible to remove them with Permalink Manager with just a few clicks. Firstly, you need to enable “Force custom slugs” in “Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Settings”.

A screenshot from “Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Settings” section.

After that you will need to reset the permalinks using “Tools -> Permalink Manger -> Tools -> Regenerate/reset” (bulk reset) or individually (using “Restore to Default URI” button inside Edit URI box on “Edit Post/Page/CPT” admin page).

The slug is regenerated from post (product) title and the final permalink (see green rectangle) is now correct.
Native (old) permalink is highlighted in red rectangle.

To make sure that no permalink is duplicated please go to “Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Tools -> Permalink Duplicates” section.

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