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License info

The license key should be delivered to you after the payment process is completed. If you did not receive the email with your unique key, please check your SPAM inbox or use the contact form below or email address: contact@permalinkmanager.pro.

What will happen after the license key expires?

After the license key expires you will be still able to use Permalink Manager. All old custom permalinks & redirects will continue to work. As long as you do not renew your license key, you will not be able to update the plugin to the most recent version and ask for support.

Can a single-site license be used on development websites?

There is no need to buy an additional license key if you would like to use it on staging/development website at first.

The update server request logs are manually checked and if any abuse is detected the license key can be blocked. In such a case it will not be possible to automatically update the plugin directly from WordPress admin dashboard.

How to renew/prolong the license key?

You can find the expiration date of your license key in Permalink Manager settings (“Tools -> Permalink Manager -> Settings -> Licence key”):

If you renew the license before it expires, the key will be prolonged for one more year starting from expiration date. For instance, if you renew it on November 10, 2018 and it is valid until December 15, 2018, the new expiration date will be December 15, 2019.

Renew/upgrade your license

If you bought a license key for a single year or one domain (eg. to test the plugin) you can still upgrade the license to any higher plan in a few clicks and you will pay only the difference in the price.

To renew or upgrade the license key, please use the form and enter your license key below:

Only users with valid license key are entitled to automatic plugin updates & customer support!

After you press Submit button, a information page will be displayed where you can find a unique link that would allow to extend your license key. After it is clicked, a popup with a checkout form (handled by Paddle) will be displayed.

If you decide to upgrade your license key, the initial price will be deducted from the checkout price. For instance, if you bought a Single domain (one year) license key and paid 45 EUR before, you will get 45 EUR off for a lifetime license key.